About us

We are a high-performing and values-based team, working to build the capacity of international companies to put their commitments to respect human rights and sustainability into practice in their operations and supply chain.

We understand big corporates and how to bring about change within and beyond the business.

We don’t bring standard solutions, but work collaboratively to understand the business, what drives it, how to integrate rights-based approaches, and build a lasting capacity to lead change within the business and the wider system.

Founded in 2004, our experience spans multiple geographies, industries and commodities. We focus on five industries:

  • Extractives
  • Food & agriculture
  • Technology
  • Travel and tourism
  • And RMG/apparel/retail

We integrate core competencies of:

  • Leadership and organisational / systems change
  • Human rights and social impact
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement

We bring multi-disciplinary teams together combining business, change facilitation and human rights expertise. Our senior consultants have hands-on experience and the wisdom of years of practice.


     We UNGCare active participants in the global dialogue on corporate responsibilities, close to the UN, and the national dialogues in our home countries.

We believe in people and realising their brilliance. We aspire to be an exemplary business ourselves, both in our consulting and how we run our own business.

Since August 2012, we have formally supported the Global Compact and we play active roles in the UK and German Networks.


As a company that aims to lead change that benefits both business and society, we know how important it is to hold ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

In 2017, we were awarded the certified B Corp status, joining a global movement of more than 1800 companies that aim to use the power of business to solve social and environmental  problems.



We work hard to secure and update our devices, software and internet connection. 

With CyberEssentials certification, we can show that our cyber security measures are in place and our IT is protected globally against cyber attack.



Read our latest Communication on Progress.

View our policy on avoiding bribery and corruption.

View our Environmental Sustainability Policy


I'm proud of what we have achieved since 2004. We have built long term relationships with global companies and are working with them on leadership assignments which reach deep into value chains in emerging economies and are delivering real results. Our consultants are getting interesting and stimulating work that they value and makes a contribution, and we have a sound and growing business - ensuring that we will be here in the long term.

Luke Wilde, Chief Executive