Case Study: Training companies on human rights

GIZ/UN Global Compact Network Germany

Since 2004, twentyfifty has provided coaching programmes for companies on how to put the corporate responsibility to respect human rights into practice. The objectives of these coaching programmes are to raise awareness of the relevance of the topic of business & human rights, identity and assess specific corporate risks associated with human rights and introduce instruments for assessing impacts and strategy development.

We regularly deliver coaching to multinational companies in the UK and Germany through the local networks of the UN Global Compact Network (UNGC). Sectors represented at our courses include automotive, finance, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, mining, technology and agriculture.

Building on the success of these programmes, the courses have also been run in Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Kenya, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Ukraine among others.

twentyfifty also facilitates the peer learning group of companies that has evolved from the coaching programme in Germany.

In 2014, we launched an advanced course on stakeholder engagement for human rights due diligence and in 2015 we launched a half day module on modern slavery due diligence. In 2016 we also piloted trainings for procurement functions and on child rights.

twentyfifty have shown an ability to deliver human rights coaching which really speaks to our business participants' needs and helps them to make an impact within their organisations.

Gwendolyn Remmert
Deutsches Global Compact Network

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