Case Study: Sustainable cocoa supply chain management

Mondelez International


twentyfifty worked on Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life programme, the largest ever commitment ($499m over 10 years) to investing in cocoa-growing communities. The client used the principles we helped to develop to engage governments and institutions as well as communities and partner organisations to facilitate progress in resolving issues that endanger future supply.

Twentyfifty’s work included:

  • Strategy development - Identifying the need to move beyond certification, conceptualising the approach to sustainable cocoa supply and gaining senior level support
  • Identifying key lessons - learning from the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership and other experiences eg FairTrade
  • Developing key programme components – including those on child labour, supply chain alignment and verification
  • Establishing multi-stakeholder oversight - for the development and implementation of the Cocoa Life approach
  • Recruiting local capacity for Mondelez in India and Indonesia to implement the Cocoa Life approach.

About Cocoa Life

  • Launched in November 2012, the Cocoa Life approach is a global management system that seeks to integrate sustainability throughout the cocoa supply chain.
  • The confidence in the approach by senior leaders has led to a public commitment by the business of a significant investment based on simple but powerful sustainable principles.


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