Case Study: Human Rights Impact Assessment, Tourism


Kuoni, a tourism company with operations in more than 50 countries, asked twentyfifty to support it in developing and implementing an approach to assessing human rights impacts of its operations in Kenya. The approach to impact assessment was developed and conducted with the support of the NGO Tourism Concern and input from other key stakeholders.

View the a summary report of the assessment.

Our Role

Twentyfifty supported the projected by:

  • Advising on the establishment of stakeholder oversight for the pilot project
  • Designing the project process and preparing the impact assessment methodology
  • Participating in the assessment visit
  • Facilitating the identification of findings, conclusions, and recommended mitigating actions with project partners and international stakeholders
  • Drafting the report that summarises the process and key findings.


The project enabled Kuoni to:

  • Get a more precise understanding of the human rights context of its operations and business relationships in Kenya, the actual and potential impacts on human rights it may cause, contribute to, or be linked to, as well as existing measures being taken to address them
  • Define possible mitigating actions to prevent and alleviate those impacts and means to enhance access to remedy
  • Develop and test a methodology and toolkit for assessing impacts that is fit for its purposes and will be refined and used in other contexts.

Download a one-page summary of the project.

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