Case Study: Corporate Human Rights Assessment at PUMA

PUMA engaged us to support them with conducting a Human Rights Assessment of their own operations and PUMA-owned value chain.


(Photo by David Schiersner licensed under CC BY 2.0)


From PUMA's 2016 annual report: "In order to be able to fulfil our Human Rights target, we have built on the results of our Human Rights screening from 2015 and engaged the expert organisation twentyfifty to help us with conducting a Human Rights assessment. Since most of our work in the field of Human Rights so far has focused on the supply chain, we conducted this Human Rights assessment for our own entities in 2016."

twentyfifty supported PUMA to  

  • Get an overview of their potential human rights impacts in own operations and PUMA-owned value chain, 
  • Identify the top priorities from a human rights perspective,  
  • Review existing risk mitigation practices and identify improvement areas, 
  • Define a set of concrete actions and a road map for next steps.  

PUMA's Human Rights Assessment

(Screenshot taken from PUMA's 2016 annual report.)

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