Management development

We work with managers at all levels within organisations to build their capacity and expertise in relation to understanding human rights and social impact, enabling them to lead systemic change within their businesses and contribute to long-term social impact.

We recognise and respect existing expertise and pool our experience with that of our clients to create a network of change agents within business.

Our expert facilitators and coaches can support individuals and teams to:

  • Deliver organisational change within companies
  • Set a leadership agenda
  • Build internal capacity on human rights
  • Navigate external expectation and social dynamics
  • Developing capacity of management to engage with multiple stakeholders, particularly affected groups
  • Integrating ethical concerns into personal decision making

Our management development coaching is led by Luke Wilde, our Chief Executive:

  • Luke has worked in leadership and organisational development for over two decades.
  • He is recognised as a leader in the field of business and human rights
  • He has expertise in developing practical approaches to integrating the corporate responsibility to respect with major businesses.
  • His broad portfolio of experience includes board-level engagements, multi-cultural and international teams, private and public sector and the United Nations.
  • He brings strong strategy skills, coaching experience and a reputation for leadership and innovation.

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