Publication: Stakeholder engagement in human rights due diligence

From the earliest days of the corporate responsibility movement, stakeholder engagement has been emphasised as a necessary part of any good corporate sustainability strategy and practice. While some companies show leadership in identifying and successfully working with diverse stakeholder groups, others still struggle to respond to the increasing demands of reaching out to their stakeholders and defining an appropriate engagement strategy.

This guide aims to highlight how meaningful stakeholder engagement can be designed, as part of a company’s human rights due diligence, and help companies improve their sustainability and ultimately business performance. It does not aim to provide comprehensive answers to all the above questions nor explain in detail how to implement the Guiding Principles. It rather offers inspiration for businesses that aim to conduct human rights due diligence with the support of a stakeholder engagement strategy that helps reduce business risk and realise opportunities.

The guide will be of most interest and use to managers tasked with leading or managing the human rights agenda for their companies or who are responsible for designing or overseeing their company’s community and stakeholder engagement practices.