Comment: Prime Minister Responds to UKSSD Open Letter

You can read the original letter to the PM and find out more about why this is important in our previous comment hereThe Prime Minister’s full reply here.

Dominic White of the UKSSD suggests "UK businesses have a big stake in this agenda. They can’t thrive where there is resource insecurity or social disruption in any form, whether from a sick labour force exposed to dangerous air quality or a transport system bunged up by flooding. Put simply, sustainable development matters to the UK. That’s why so many leading businesses felt compelled to call on the Prime Minister for action."

Encouraging signs

In her reply the PM acknowledges that all government departments have a responsibility to deliver the SDGs. In particular, there’s a welcome recognition that all departments should “engage with businesses and stakeholders” to achieve this, but no clear recognition of the need for her government to offer policy coherence.  Then the PM encourages businesses to engage in the government’s consultation of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting framework, expected some time this year.  To make further progress, we do need to get better as a country at measuring the impacts of our society on the wellbeing of people and planet. it’s an encouraging response from the Prime Minister, but lacking in detail. We have to continue to push Government for more commitment and more joined-up thinking on sustainable development