Comment: Our new publication "Respecting Human Rights"

Created jointly by the Global Compact Network Germany, the German Institute for Human Rights, and twentyfifty Ltd, this publication is an introductory guide for business on what "Respecting Human Rights" means in practice. Usefully it sets out the fundamentals and the context for what Human Rights are and an overview of what is expected of business through considering the role of the State and of Business for each Right - with case studies.

The publication begins by setting the scene for business and gives the historical context in which the UN Framework (on Human Rights) has arisen. It highlights the human rights impacts of business activities and those that are particularly relevant in the business context. It outlines the requirement to consider human rights in it's broadest sense - not just the 'rights at work', with which businesses are familiar from the ILO's core labour standards. The publication then considers the role that businesses should play in respecting these rights. Case studies illustrate where businesses have come up against, or even into conflict with, these rights in practice and explain the steps they have taken to fulfil their responsibilities. The conclusion sums up the opportunities and challenges facing businesses that opt for a human rights approach.

We welcome feedback. Originally published in German, and due to popular demand now translated into English.

Download your free copy or please contact us for a hard copy.